Stimulus Package – Part 1 – MSME

We begin this series with a detailed explanation of the 5 Stimulus Packages announced by the FM and concludes with the overall impact of the 20 + Lakh Crore Stimulus Package on the Economy in the Short & Long Term. These will be long reads, but since it’ll have an impact on your lives for at least 10-15 years, we suggest you have a patient read of them all.

Let’s begin…

This part contains Liquidity Measures for MSMEs, Banks and Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOMS) and its Impact of the Fiscal Discipline of the Indian Economy.

Since MSMEs are the backbone of the Indian economy, providing the largest employment opportunity to our massive population, the Govt. has rightly focused most of its resources on resurrecting this sector first.


Mahatma Gandhi – The Father of Appeasement Politics in India

“… to my mind this murderous attack indicates something more than mere fanaticism or lust for looting. There is no evidence that the murders were committed because the murdered persons refused to embrace Islam, or resisted the rebels, or refused to show property. The rebels seem to have meant to kill every male in the place whom they could catch hold of, and the only survivors were those who either got away or were left dead.”

  • A Special Judge who tried the case against the chilling Moplah Rebellion of 1921.

The murderers he’s speaking about are the Moplah Muslims of Malabar, Kerala. The murdered and brutalized are Hindus of that very same region. And what rose out of it was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s gift to the Indian National Congress – Minority Appeasement Politics!


First PSU Scam Of India – The Mundhra Scandal

Image Credit – Alchetron

“Parliament must exercise vigilance and control over the biggest and most powerful financial institution it has created, the Life Insurance Corporation of India, whose misapplication of public funds we shall scrutinise today.”

  • Words of Feroze Gandhi, husband of Indira Gandhi, in Parliament on 16th Dec 1957.